October 21, 2016

#mugsandmoreswap Fall Gift Swap

There is nothing that I love more about the blogging community than making new friends. This community is full of such wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, supportive women. It is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Whenever people hold gift swaps, I always want to join in, because it is such a good way to meet someone that you might not have known before. I have had some bad experiences with swaps in the past, but I am always hopeful that it turns out good.

When I saw that Summer was hosting a fall swap, and that it was going to be for a small number (to help with accountability), I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I got paired with Vanessa, a relatively new blogger, and I am so happy that we met!

You can check out what I sent Vanessa on her blog, Wit and Wanderlust. She sent me an amazing package with some of my most favorite things!!

Is this mug not the cutest? I love the blush and gold together! Also, she knows that I am a coffee person, but like my tea too!

One of my favorite things she sent (aside from the Reeses), are these cute mini clothespins. They are such pretty colors and have the days of the week, tomorrow, today, etc. written on them. I am a big planner nerd, and have already started using these in my Day Designer!

I am so happy that this was such a good swap experience. I know that Vanessa and I will continue to chat and email. Go check out her blog if you have a moment!

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