October 7, 2016

Review: CaseApp Custom iPhone Case

Guys, I've come back to the iPhone universe. It is SO much easier to interact with 99% of my family and friends who also have iPhones. Plus the app and accessory selection is way better. 

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6s plus, and I LOVE it. The photos turn out great, and it seems like a perfect size for me and my lifestyle. I prefer a larger phone honestly. 

The folks at CaseApp recently sent over a gorgeous new case for me to try out on my new phone. I was excited to try out one of their cases because I've heard great things about being able to customize, as well as protect your phone. 

CaseApp products have been provided for a review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own
I didn't choose one of their Extra Protection Tough cases, but I am surprised at how well the case protects my phone. One of the things that I always look for in a phone case is how well the case protects the screen. In this case, there is a tiny lip, so your screen is never really touching another surface.

There was a HUGE range of ready made designs for cases and laptop skins, all which were really pretty. I love the marble trend going on recently, so I chose their Pink and Gold Marble design. Of course I wanted to add my new monogram to it, because I'm obsessed, but they also had a lot of great images that you could choose from as well.

I carry my phone with me at all times, and recently have been using it a lot to listen to audiobooks on my commute (public transportation--yuck). I am so happy to have a case that not only is unique to me and my personality, but also protects my expensive technology well.

Since the people who work at CaseApp are so kind (seriously, SO nice!), they passed on a great discount code for my awesome readers! When you check out, enter the code: ALWAYSAL20 for 20% off your purchase! This works for all the products on their site.

Have you ever created a custom iPhone case before? Have you ever ordered from CaseApp?

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