February 10, 2017

The Numbers Game

Happy Friday Friends! The past few weeks have been killer, and I am so ready for the weekend. I mentioned on my Instagram that I've had a never-ending headache the past few weeks, but hopefully, after a really bad couple of days, I've turned the corner. Say a prayer for me.

I have seen this post in a couple of different places and had it on my list of posts for a while now. This cold Friday seems like the perfect time to get to know this blogger.

Me at about age 6, before I learned to keep my eyes open when I smile.
500 - Posts have been published on Always, Al! I can't even believe that!

3 - How many states I've lived in.

50 - Number of books I read last year.

6 - Books read so far in 2017.

27 - How old I am.

8 - Salads get prepped every week for lunches.

1 - Kitty calls me mom.

200 - The number of guests at our July 2016 wedding.

3 - Average loads of laundry washed per week.

90 - Ounces of water that I try to drink per day

1,700 - Steps in my morning commute.

7,000 - Average number of steps taken per day.

112 - Books currently on my bookshelf, which is organized in rainbow order.

13 - Orders from Amazon so far in 2017.

52 - Orders from Amazon in 2016.

2 - On average, how many rolls of toilet paper ruby ruins in one week.

5 - (Unfortunately) empty growlers sitting on top of my fridge.

45 - The number of minutes it takes me to get ready in the morning.

12 - How many house guests we have had while living in Pittsburgh.

4 - My favorite number, and always the number on my jersey when I played sports.

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