March 1, 2017

Ruby Ruckus

One of the requests that I got from my 2016 readers' survey was more Ruby! I introduced you guys to her back in November, and she is basically the star of my Snapchat.

Adopting Ruby has been the best decision that Dave and I have ever made. Well maybe getting married #1, and Ruby #2. But that is saying something.

BR (before Ruby), he and I had never really had to be responsible for anything. We could come and go as we pleased, could focus on ourselves and each other. I never had pets growing up, and he had a dog, but wasn't really interested.

We started thinking about adopting a pet when we knew we were moving to Pittsburgh. Our apartment in Norfolk didn't allow pets, so we wanted to make absolutely sure our new place did. About a month after we moved in, we started looking at cats who were up for adoption. We thought that a cat would be less needy than a dog, and would do better in the small space we have.

When we found Ruby, I had been searching by breed. Dave and I both like Russian Blue cats, as they have a lot of great qualities, and are easier for people with allergies. I'm not sure if that is really Ruby's breed or not, but Dave has pretty bad cat allergies, and he isn't bothered by her at all.

Ruby makes us smile and laugh every day. I know you can't compare a pet to a child, but I really feel like adopting Ruby has brought Dave and I closer. When I see them playing or snuggling, my heart just bursts. Since she is the sassiest girl in the world, she always steals his food and he explains that it "has no nutritional value" for her. They kill me.

There has been so much more singing around our house since she came. Great hits like "Who's my Ruby Ruckus," "Ruby-Scrumptious" (like from Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang) and "Ruby Ruby Ruby Rockin' Everywhere."

No matter how many times she has her bathroom privileges revoked for shredding the toilet paper, or breaks something, or chews a phone cord, or grosses us out when she licks her butt, she is still the best. She is a chatty, goofy, sweet & salty little stink pot.

She is growing so fast! This little lady will be ONE in July! I can't wait to continue to learn and grow together as a family. She is learning not to jump on people when they have something in their hands, and we are learning how to nurture, and tend to her needs. You know, give and take.

It's happened. I've become a crazy cat lady. 

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