May 24, 2017

Links, Loves, Laughs

Hello Friends, and happy Wednesday! The past two weeks have been so hectic in my life and in the world, that I just wanted to share a positive short post. Between work and grad classes, I feel like I've been glued to my computer lately, so I wanted to share some things I've been checking out! 

Please let me know if you have any suggestions of things to check out!
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This is in no way associated with this post, but shes just so cute!
-Lindsay posted last week about some super fun summer home decor, featuring pineapples and flamingos. 
-For a fun twist on a traditional margarita, Macy shared this delicious looking Old Bay Jalapeno Margarita recipe.
-Congratulations to Emelia and her family! She is expecting a little babe this fall, and her pregnancy announcement was just adorable!
-This article explains womanhood in this day and age.

-This concealer is the freaking best. I just re-ordered from Ulta, and I will continue to go back to it again and again.
-I've been thinking about ordering some walking shoes (sneakers), but want them to be stylish. I am leaning toward these Steve Madden slip-ons.
-Bullet journaling has been so calming for me. I don't do the full method, but I just ordered this notebook and I love it.

-If this video doesn't describe the difference between millennials and their parents, I don't know what does.
-BuzzFeed Ladylike is absolutely hilarious, and I want to be friends with them.
-I laughed out loud at this collection of memes, because it is so ridiculous yet so true.

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