June 19, 2017

Links, Loves, Laughs

Hello, my friends! I'm back with another post on this rainy Monday morning of links, loves, and laughs to share with you. Happy Monday, all and make it a good one!

-Jasmine recently shared an awesome post on how to be the queen of confidence. Her motivation and positivity are inspiring.
-I love Chelsea's writing and felt like she was speaking to me in this post. I often struggle with wanting to self-edit to please others, and this was the perfect little pep talk.
-Have you seen Mandy Harvey's performance on America's Got Talent? As someone who is experiencing hearing loss in my 20s, this made me basically sob. She is so talented!
-My girl Lindsay never fails to speak the truth, which is what so many of us need. This post about making changes happen in your own life came at the exact right time for me.

-This is the perfect accessory for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Rose in the USA? Yes, please.
-In this heat and humidity, I only want to wear dresses. This would be the perfect piece to either dress up or dress down with accessories!
-This lady needs some more supportive sandals for all the traipsing around the city I've been doing lately. I know I want Birkenstocks, but can't decide between this pair in golden brown or this pair in brown metallic. What do you suggest?
-And finally, I'm about to go buy this sweatshirt with a gift card. I think this accurately describes my life, right?

-Do you work? I mean, pretty much all of us do. I thought this article was hilarious, and I may or may not have totally done some of these in the past. :)
-My family recently made a Snapchat group, where we basically just send each other funny photos all day. There are 14 of us in our "Familia" group, and I just can't with them. I highly suggest this for anyone looking to brighten their day.
-Last Wednesday was the Pittsburgh Penguins parade for winning the Stanley Cup. You could tell that the players were partying hard during the parade and basically didn't stop. This made for some funny memes and tweets.
-If you are a cat lover like me, you should join this group on Facebook for your daily dose of kitten cuteness and laughs.

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