July 12, 2017


Well July is almost half way over, and I have blogged ONE TIME. I just am lacking some motivation lately since the weather is so nice! Basically every weekend we go out and walk around and try new places. There isn't much time to be sitting at the computer!

I'm glad to be catching up with you today! I've been finding it a little hard this summer to keep up with social media, my blog, AND do the things I want to do. But I love this space, and I love you all, so I am trying to make it a priority!

I have a couple of posts coming up that feature products that I'm so excited to share with you. So keep a look out for those!

  • Last week was FULL of celebrations! Dave and I celebrated our first anniversary, my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary, and Ruby turned one!! We traveled to Rochester (with the cat...) and got to spend time with our families, which was SO nice. I loved being on vacation, but was extra glad to be home in my own bed. 
  • On Monday I was walking home, and got caught in the rain. I got completely soaked, my bag got completely soaked, and MY BULLET JOURNAL GOT COMPLETELY SOAKED. It spent the past two days drying out, and today I assessed the damage. Some pages were stuck together and some ink ran, but it wasn't too bad. My Type A self is tempted to copy everything into another notebook, but I'm about 100 pages in. So I'm not going to do that.
  • I have been rocking this nail polish on my toes all summer. Essie's Shearling Darling is a very pretty wine color that I find works well in all situations. I can dress up and it goes well, or I can be dressed for yoga and it also goes well.
  • Did you know that some GNC locations have smoothie bars in them? I just realized that there is one right at my bus stop in the morning, and now I have to admit I am addicted. I love the Fiber Packed Green smoothie so much I've been trying to re-create it at home. Tip: Join their rewards program--you get 20% off each smoothie!
  • My family is mostly all on Snapchat (I know...), so we decided to make a "Familia" group to chat more. It is snarky and we basically tease each other all the time and look at cute photos of my cousin. I highly recommend for everyone to do that if they have friends/relatives far away!
  • I purchased a couple of dresses from Old Navy when they were on sale two weeks ago. This summer I have only been wanting to wear light, flowy dresses, so I picked up this, this, this, and this. All four are great, and SO comfortable! Most of them look so cute paired with a jean jacket once it gets cooler at night.
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