July 24, 2017

What I've Been Reading... July, 2017

I feel like July has been non-stop for us. We started the month by traveling to New York to visit family, and we have had plans every weekend since. I am still enjoying reading (I crave that quiet, alone time actually), it has been much harder to fit in lots of books.

Since I've been reading a lot more reference-style books lately (for school, cookbooks, etc), I decided not to write about those. I may do a round up of my favorite cookbooks at some point, but we will see. I AM including them in my reading goal count, however, where as of today, I'm only one book away from reaching my goal of 45 books read. Looks like I'm going to have to increase that for 2018.

I decided that I didn't like the look of the very long book descriptions in the post. So I've linked all books below to their page on Goodreads. If you want to learn more, click on the titles!

Sawbones by Melissa Lenhardt ★★★★
*Provided in exchange for review by NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
I went into reading this book with the expectation that it would be some kind of western romance. It was sort of that, but it was so much more than that. This book features a strong, independent woman making her way as a physician in 1871. Even after some unfortunate occurrences (tragedies, actually) Catherine/Laura is incredibly strong, and a true pillar of all of the communities she is a part of.

Many people have been comparing this book to Outlander, but I don't see it. I think this really stands on its own, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

The Gender End by Bella Forrest ★★★1/2
I was so, SO excited to read this. I've read the rest of the series this year through Kindle Unlimited, and have gotten hooked. I'm not sure if these are YA or not (some could be, this last one probably shouldn't be), but they are pretty good. And quick reads. I would suggest this to anyone looking for summer reading.

The only thing I didn't like about this particular book was that it seemed to kind of go off track from the plot at certain points. There are a couple of chapters that veer off from the main plot (in a BIG way), but I suppose they set up future series.

Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino ★★★★1/2
This was our pick for this month's Friends, Wine, and Books book club read. We decided to pick a romance to finish out summer, to keep things a little bit lighter. I had never heard of this book but it was on a couple of "Top Reads" lists.

Guys, this is so good. I loved the story and the characters, and I loved the book written within the book. Such an interesting concept. And the ending was adorable. I would highly recommend this to others, even if you don't necessarily like to read the typical romance. This doesn't feel like that at all.

Night Child by Anna Quinn ★★★
*Provided in exchange for review by NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
This is another book that I expected to be different. From the title, I was expecting some kind of missing persons story, set up like a thriller. That is not what it was, but it was still pretty good.

The plot delves into psychology, and how our brains can protect us from trauma. It was incredibly interesting and uncomfortable at the same time. I really felt sympathy for Nora, and wanted to see her get better. The only thing I wish was different was that I thought the ending was kind of abrupt. I would have loved to read more follow up on Nora's journey.

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick ★★★1/2
So I'm not exactly done reading this book, but I will be by the end of July, so I wanted to include it in this post. Dave and I have been watching this series on Amazon Prime, and LOVE it. I requested this from the library, hoping that the book would be as good as the TV series. And honestly, this is the third time in the last few months that the Book-to-TV/Movie differences have not impressed me. And not in the way you might expect... because I've liked the TV/Movies better. I find that the books are pretty dry, and somewhat hard to follow.

This IS a good book though. If I had read it prior to watching the TV series, I think my opinion would be much different. I love the concept and context of this novel, and think it is incredibly timely to what is going on in our political climate today.

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