July 17, 2017

You Can Do Hard Things.

I feel like in our society today, there is this tendency to shy away from things that we think might be "too hard," or that will cause us to be uncomfortable. Since we live in a time when everything is optimized, we look for the most convenient solutions to all of our problems. 

But sometimes the easiest way to do something isn't the best way. 

Without going into too much detail, I've been having some pretty minor medical issues. I emailed my doctor about it and she suggested that I get some testing done, just to be sure. All tests came back normal, so she and I brainstormed what the best course of action would be. My doctor knows that I don't want to jump directly to medication (I have a long history of doctors who DO do this, particularly for migraine), so she suggested a dietary fix.

I am currently finishing my first week of a 1200 calorie per day, low sodium diet. I'm also supposed to drink AT LEAST 100oz of water every day. You guys, I don't know what I thought it would be like, but this is HARD. 100oz is SO much, and 1200 calories is SO low. I mean even an apple has about 90 calories in it for crying out loud.

The first few days I constantly felt hungry and was thinking about food. I was cranky and a huge bitch. My husband deserves an award for even attempting to interact with me. Even though it wasn't a huge calorie cut from my norm, my brain kept reminding me that I couldn't and shouldn't eat things.

Over the weekend I tried to be more relaxed about it, and focus on all the things I CAN have in a day instead of what I CAN'T. This has been a huge help for me mentally.

Your daily calorie, sodium, and water intake can seem like something sort of frivolous until they are challenged. I never would have expected to struggle so much with something that is literally an everyday occurrence.

Throughout it all, I keep telling myself "you can do this. You are strong. This isn't the end of the world. You are so privileged to even be able to make changes to your life like this!" And guys, those things are all true. Telling myself over and over and simply changing my mindset is helping me get through this struggle.

If you are experiencing something difficult, PUT YOUR MIND TO IT. I'm not saying this is going to cure/fix whatever it is you are struggling with. But it might help. You CAN do hard things. You are a strong person. And you will overcome any obstacle set in front of you.

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