August 2, 2017

A Festival Look with Moonstone Magic Jewelry

I love moonstone. I love the neutral and iridescent look of it, and how interesting the stones can look. Fun fact: my promise ring from Dave (purchased in 2009) was moonstone. Do you remember when Bella's ring from the first Twilight movie was popular? Yeah, that's the one!

So naturally, when I was contacted by about styling a piece of their jewelry, I was SUPER excited. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some pretty gems!

When I think of moonstone jewelry, I immediately think "boho." But while you can create some awesome boho looks featuring moonstone, this gemstone is neutral and versatile enough to work with almost any outfit.

Last weekend, we attended the annual Picklesburgh Festival, which took place on one of the many beautiful bridges in downtown Pittsburgh. While the weather was nice, I knew it could be hot, so I wanted to keep my outfit simple and layered. I recently purchased this dress from Old Navy, and immediately went and got two more. They are so comfortable and I love them.

The Ellipse Pendant from was the PERFECT Accessory to go with my festival outfit. It added just a little bit of shimmer and shine with an otherwise very neutral outfit. I got SO many compliments on my necklace because you could really see all the colors in the gemstone in the sunlight.
I did have to purchase my own chain to wear with this pendant. I ordered this one, and it feels like the perfect length to wear the pendant as more of a statement piece. I have worn this pendant a couple of other times as well, one way which you can check out on my Instagram!

*A big thank you to, who provided product in exchange for a review. This post also contains affiliate links.

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