August 11, 2017

Caroline's Visit to Pittsburgh for the Red Bull Flugtag

Having a sibling who is still so young is seriously the best thing ever. To experience things with her for the first time, and to teach her things is just the best. Last weekend Caroline visited so that we could go to the Red Bull Flugtag at the Pittsburgh Regatta. 

When I saw the ads for the Flugtag, I knew immediately that this was something that Care would be interested in. She is a little engineer who loves to build and figure out how things work. Essentially I forced my mother to drive to Erie so that Care could come visit me and check it out. 

Flugtag literally means "flight day" in German. Red Bull hosts a number of flugtags around the world, where competitors launch man-made flying machines off of a pier, into a body of water. It is a lot of fun to watch, because most of the machines don't fly at all. The teams have fun with it, though, and it is cool to see the entrance dances and costumes and stuff.

Caroline LOVED the event, and it was so much fun to spend time together. We even took her on her first city bus (always an experience), and Dave taught her to make pierogis!

It warms my heart so much that Dave and Caroline are buddies. He doesn't have any younger siblings, so to see him tease, help, play, and generally be patient with her is so nice. He's a good big brother.

I'm glad I got to check out this new event with my sister. We are both looking forward to attending again in the future!

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