August 14, 2017


The best post to write on a Monday morning is one formatted in bullet points. That's about as far as I can think this early in the week. :)

August is chugging away, and school is about to start! Our family's schedule is based around the school calendar, so this time of year is both busy and boring for us. We are wrapping up summer fun, getting things ready for the fall, and anticipating what a new school year will bring.

  • I've never been big into podcasts until recently I listened to Serial. Guys, if you are an audiobook person, you will like podcasts! And vice-versa! So far I've listened to all of Serial season 1, S-Town, and am working my way through Young House Love Has a Podcast. If you have any suggestions, send 'em my way!
  • For the first time in a LONG time, I felt lonely and bored at home this weekend. Dave is in Rochester visiting friends and family, and I stayed home to work on some stuff for school. Usually, I am all about that alone time, because as a true introvert, I really feel recharged from alone time. All was going well until come Sunday, and I had to go through our normal routine by myself. Just goes to show life is better when we're together.
  • I just purchased some of these blue light filter glasses from Amazon. I'm not sure if they will make a huge difference in the eye strain I feel while looking at my work computer, but it's worth a shot. 
  • Speaking of Amazon, I think that is my most-shopped place this year. I'm addicted. Is anyone interested in a post about some good stuff I've purchased lately?
  • We joined Costco! We have been planning on this for a little while, but we heard a rumor that they would have a Groupon out in August. We waited until then, and it was SO worth it. If you use this Groupon to join, you get a bunch of coupons for free stuff and a $20 cash card. Worth it!

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