August 28, 2017

Starting an Online Book Club

Guys, I'm not sure if you are aware, but I love to read. I always am in the middle of one book or another. It is the best way that I know how to relax. The past few weeks have been CRAZY at work, and to me, reading is (and has always been) such an escape from that.

Over the past few years or so, I really started thinking about joining a book club. I had never been a part of one before, and it's always seemed like so much fun! Talking about reading while enjoying delicious food and a glass of wine? Sign me up!

But once I joined a book club and went to a few meetings, I realized it wasn't a good fit. Most of these ladies were friends outside of our monthly meetings, and didn't really have any interest in discussing the book we'd read. This is fine, but I always felt like the black sheep, as I was REALLY interested in talking about the book, but would sometimes be the only one who had finished it. 

I stopped going to that book club and thought about starting my own. I don't have a TON of friends who read in the area, but I do have a bunch of friends and family members who are readers. They just are scattered around the country.

The idea eventually came to me that I could host some kind of book club/discussion on Facebook. You can facilitate a group chat as an event, and that way people from near and far could be involved. The group was super low-pressure, and the whole theme is "book club in your pajamas while enjoying your favorite beverage."

And so, my group Friends, Wine, and Books was born.

I set up a group on Facebook, did some incredibly simple set up in terms of photos, etc and then invited my friends! I have mentioned it a few times in this space which has helped a lot. Right now we have 37 members and are about to take part in our fourth discussion.

People say all the time that if you don't like something, change it. Embracing that can be hard, but it also leads to wonderful new things! Since starting this book club, I've chatted regularly with more family members, gotten to meet new friends, and read some books I normally wouldn't have picked up!

Moral of this post, because I feel like I've been rambling: JUST DO IT.

If nothing feels like the right fit that you're looking for, don't wait. Make the change yourself! You never know how it can come back to help and enrich you. Start that club,  business, hobby. Looking back, you will be so happy that you did.

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