September 5, 2017

Links, Loves, Laughs

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This is the most Monday-feeling Tuesday ever.

These past two weeks absolutely kicked my butt. Back to school is always a busy time, but this is the first time that I'm working full-time AND taking classes full time. Add on top of that the fact that everyone has decided to be a crazy person lately, and I just can't even.

This has been the busiest couple of weeks that I've had at work all year, and I have had ZERO energy to do anything else. I apologize if posting here gets a little bit sporadic... but you don't want to even know how long this post took me to write.


-Not sure why I've never gotten on board with Reddit, but I recently started following a couple of threads, and I'm OBSESSED. My favorites are ShowerThoughts, Cats1200RealFood, and Books. If that doesn't represent my life, I'm not sure what does.
-I made this zucchini bread recipe yesterday, and it made one loaf and 12 muffins. I added some chocolate chips to the muffins, but they aren't necessary. This is one of my favorite zucchini bread recipes I've tried in a while!
-I've been trying to declutter some of the clothes and shoes I'm not wearing regularly, and have been selling some of them on Poshmark! I have about $25 as a balance right now, and I may get some new booties for the fall! If you aren't on Poshmark yet, use my code "TNZLZ" when you sign up for a $5 bonus!


-Last weekend I made my first visit to Nordstrom Rack! I've been to regular Nordstrom tons of times, but have never lived close to a Rack! I purchased a few things to wear to work, including this sweater in navy, this tank to wear under a cardigan, and a sweater similar to this one. That will not be my last trip to the Rack!
-I've been looking for a transitional summer/fall jacket to wear to work, specifically on those days when I have night class. I have my eyes on this inexpensive trench coat from Old Navy. Can't beat those sales!
-My wedding rings still aren't fitting (sigh), so I recently purchased these stacking rings from Amazon. I wanted something inexpensive but dainty, and that is exactly what these are. I usually wear one at a time, which makes for a cute, small wedding band.


-Last week I posted on Instagram about an awesome quote that I saw online -- "I am unable to quit, as I am currently too legit." Much to my surprise, a t-shirt with that saying showed up at my door on Saturday! There was no sender information, but it came from Amazon. I have a feeling it was a family member, but thank you, mystery gifter!
-This list makes me feel incredibly old. Those stamp markers were my life.
-All weekend Dave and I sang "CATS" songs to Ruby, and tried to make her dance to them. As a huge music nerd, I just about die when he refers to the song "Memory" as "Touch Me," and then talks about the character "Rin Tin Tugger." Nobody else might think this is funny, but I cried laughing a couple times.

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