October 18, 2017

Hey... Is This Thing Still On?

Hey Guys! Long time no see! It's been BUSY BUSY BUSY around these parts, and unfortunately, my sad little blog has fallen to the wayside a bit. Being a content creator is getting harder and harder these days, and frankly, I don't have time to do it all. So I'll be in pretty sporadically to share stuff with you, and it will probably be a bit lighter. I do love writing here, so I want to try to keep it up if I can.

So... What has been up in the MONTH since I last posted? A ton of stuff. Seriously. Life is busy, full, and sometimes chaotic. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Possibly the best thing that has happened to me in the past few weeks is that I joined Weight Watchers! I was reaching a point in my overall health that I was not doing extremely well and the doctors couldn't really figure out why I was gaining weight and had swollen fingers and toes. I got so frustrated one night, that I finally just pulled the trigger and joined Weight Watchers.

I am so proud and happy to say that after 5 weeks, I've lost 8 pounds! While not every single symptom that I was experiencing has gone away, I feel SO much better. This is such an easy plan to follow, and I love that I am able to connect with such a supportive community.

Since I am the one who is really watching my nutrition lately, I've been doing MUCH more cooking than usual. There are so many great resources available for "skinny" recipes, and I'll probably round up my favorites at some point soon.

Taking two classes toward my master's this semester is keeping me INCREDIBLY busy. Right now we are at midterm, and I feel like I can finally take a breath. I'm taking Corporate Finance and Business Law and both of those are just really heavy.

Next week I meet with my advisor, and I'm excited to decide what to take in the Spring. As of now I'm scheduled to graduate in Spring of 2019, which seems SO far away, but I know it will come before I know it.

Speaking of grad school, I'm pretty ready for this season of life to be done. With both Dave and I working and in school, it is just really tough. We have to be very intentional with our time (which we actually do pretty well), and it is just exhausting. I can't wait to get back to a sense of normalcy.

We celebrated our sweet Ruby's first gotcha day yesterday! We have had this little sassy nugget for a whole year already! I can't even believe it, to be honest, because it simultaneously feels like we just got her, and that she's been a part of our family forever. Is this what it's like to be a parent?

She is doing really well, and still up to her naughty behavior as always. She is seriously like one of those Sour Patch Kids commercials. She will do something so bad, but then will snuggle right up to you so that you can't be mad for long. We left her this weekend with someone looking in once a day, and when we got home you would have thought that she had won the lottery. Her parents were home and she will be good from now on so we don't leave.

Since before I joined Weight Watchers, my size had been fluctuating a bit, and I have had a whole bunch of items in my closet that just don't fit anymore. Someone suggested that I list a closet on Poshmark, so I took a few photos one weekend and listed the stuff. I've now sold a few things and I'm becoming addicted!

If you are on Poshmark, or are looking for some nice, like new clothes to add to your collection, check out my Poshmark Closet. If you are looking for something specific, send me a message! I may have it and just not have uploaded it yet.

Finally, last weekend we traveled to Rochester for a cousin's wedding. Everything was absolutely gorgeous, and very subtly fall themed. The bride and groom did such a good job with all the details, and it paid off for them. I wish I had more photos to show, but here is one of Dave and me at the reception venue!

So as you can see, life is FULL. I have a ton of stuff still to share with you, so I need to get writing! Now I want to hear about you. How are you doing? What is going on in your life? Pumpkin Spice or Hot Cider?

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